You are Still a Dad

imageFather’s Day is here and though it may be hard,

Know your child is resting safely in Jesus’ arms.

Reflect on your memories, be they many or be they few.

Know your child is saying, “Daddy, I love you.”

A father’s love knows no bounds, it goes deeper than the depths of the sea.

It’ll cross over any hurdles to show a child that it believes.

Though your child may have passed on-their spirit is still here,

Always remember that through you, your child’s memory is alive and he or she will always be near.

So when dads are being celebrated, you may shed a few tears and your heart may ache,

But keep in mind that today is still your day.

Because no matter if your child is here with you or if you’re reflecting on the precious moments you had,  

The fact will always remain-that you are still a dad.

-Danielle Nicole Jones

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