Father’s Day for the Bereaved Dad

To all of the bereaved dads:

Even though you’re a bereaved father and your child is not here, I would still encourage you to live life as if your child were still here. Still do the things that you would do to make them proud of you and still tell them that you love them. They may be gone—but you are still their father and they are still your child. Happy Father’s Day.
Junior–you will always be my boy. ChristopherJrEdited-66-Paint

Written by: Chris Jones

2 thoughts on “Father’s Day for the Bereaved Dad

  1. Min John & Larisa Johnson says:

    May God continue to guide and protect you. Junior may not be here physically but he is definitely with you spiritually….. Continue to be exactly who God intended for you to be.

    Remember Philippians 4:7

    Happy Father’s Day to you!!


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