Happy Father’s Day; Dads Hurt Too

If you want to get my husband excited, ask him about his son.

If you want to make my husband happy, ask him about his son.

If you want to get my husband to talk, ask him about his son.

Over the last two years, I’ve learned that there is nothing that makes my husband light up more than when people spark a conversation with him about “his boy.” His face beams with pride as he talks about his dreams of his son being a linebacker and how he envisioned the days when he and his son would have the daily goal of being involved in so much ruckus around our home that they would both “get in trouble with me.”

I’ve met many other dads with similar sentiments. Just because their children aren’t physically here, it doesn’t mean that they stopped being dads. It means that fatherhood for them looks different than what they imagined. Most of the times, people are so concerned about how a woman is doing after the loss of a child that they neglect to think about the man who carried the seed that created the child. So on this Father’s Day, don’t forget that dads hurt too. Let a bereaved father who is hurting know that he’s still a dad and that he is loved.

Light, Love and Blessings!
Happy Father’s Day!

-Danielle Nicole Jones


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*Taken from Remembermyfootprints.com.


A Dad Hurts Too