As Sure as Tomorrow Comes…..

Today is a day full of excitement for our family as we proudly release our book, “As Sure As Tomorrow Comes: One Couple’s Journey through Loss and Love.”


Us praying over our son when he passed away in 2015

I won’t lie and say a catch phrase like, “It’s all been worth it,” because the TRUTH is life has been extremely hard over the last 3.5 years. It’s been rough. There have been tears, heartache and nearly unbearable pain caused by several circumstances. Sometimes the “strongest people” are the ones who in the face of adversity choose to “be strong” because to them that is the better option over suicide or over another self-destructive behavior. It is a decision that has to be made day by day. It is a commitment to choosing joy and life no matter how bad the situation may be.


Chris-Car Crash pic

Chris’ car accident in 2014

We have dealt with everything from Chris being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, to me being diagnosed with breast health issues (in fact, four days ago I had yet another surgery to remove areas from my right breast that put me at risk for developing breast cancer), to Chris surviving a horrific car accident and the ultimate tragedy of our son passing away. But, through all of this, even when we questioned God and wondered where He was and when we were upset, we knew that somehow, someway, our story would eventually turn around.


Chris and his favorite nurse during one of his MS medication infusions.

The Angel Baby Network was the beginning of our story turning around and since its inception and because of it, we’ve started to receive healing and we’ve helped others heal too. We’ve learned that being functional and healing after devastation are options and that in order to live in those spaces, people have to take the first steps towards them. Capture-ABN logo
We pray that our story blesses everyone who comes across it. Our book is not a step-by-step guide on what to do when life sucks. But it is a novel-like true story of two people who decided to bounce back everytime when life tried to knock them down. As Chris always says, everyone is going to have to walk through the rain at some point–but it’s up to them to decide on how they’ll walk through it. We decided to walk through it together and to do so with faith.


Chris and me getting our personal copy of the book four days ago, before my surgery.

Here’s a link to purchase the book on Amazon. Here’s a link to purchase it off of our publisher’s site, KiCam Projects. And here’s a review of the book from The Good Men Project.  Enjoy!

Peace, blessings, light and love to you and yours,

Danielle and Chris