May 2020

Caring.Survival PicDue to the coronavirus pandemic, we didn’t meet in April 2020. We did, however, host a virtual meeting in May. Rebecca Morra MA, LPC Licensed Professional Counselor for Teens and Adults, spoke with us about how to manage our mental health and emotions during the pandemic. She also gave great resources that would be helpful for us as we learn how to navigate this new normal.

Some of the resources that she provided can be found by clicking on the following links:

She gave the following tips to implement in our lives:
1.) Stay informed but don’t overdo it with watching the news.
2.) Reframe how we think about “social distancing.” We should engage in physical distancing but we need to make sure that we are still connected to others socially.
3.) Ask yourself and your nervous system what is best for you? Are you making choices that will be beneficial for your health in the long term?
4.) Help others if you feel inclined.
5.) Turn on some music and have a dance party.
6.) Don’t stress yourself out by going batty. (Check her list in the presentation for things to do if you truly want to drive yourself crazy!)
7.) Practice Self Compassion.

To see the PowerPoint that she used for the discussion, please click on the link below.

COPING WITH COVID-19ppt-Angel Baby Network-May Meeting

Take care of yourselves, stay healthy and be safe!