Poem for Bereaved Moms on Mother’s Day

*Photo caption: http://www.thecomfortcompany.net

Mother’s Day has come and as I reflect as I sit alone,
I’m reminded that my heart will always be my child’s home. 

Although my child isn’t physically here,
I smile when I realize their presence is always near. 

My child shows up when I see a cardinal land on a tree, 
And in those moments, in my head, I hear their voice saying,
“I came to visit and tell you, ‘I love you, mommy.'” 

When the sun is shining just right or when I look into the sky, 
I know my child is smiling back at me from way up high. 

When days get tough and I want to give up, 
My child gives me strength and reminds me that I am enough. 

Being the mother of a child who has passed away comes with so much weight;
There are so many emotions, a ton of questions, and a lot of pain.

But on this Mother’s Day, from one bereaved mom to another, I want you to take comfort and rest; 
And know that you, my dear, have gone through a lot and you are truly one of the best.  

It takes a special woman to mother a child’s spirit and to keep their legacy alive, 
And it takes a lot of courage to continue to put one foot in front of the other and to take all of your heartache in stride.

Many would find it hard to endure and travel the road that has been set before you, 
But I hope you continue to meet each day with new determination and fortitude. 

Know that your child loves you and you have the privilege of being their reflection in the earth; 
Know that just because your child passed away, that it didn’t take away your value and it didn’t diminish your worth. 

Mother’s Day can bring along a variety of feelings, so give yourself the time and space that you need. 
And throughout the day (and all the days to come), don’t forget to give yourself grace, take some deep breaths and just breathe. 

As you feel your child’s embrace in the way that you know it is them, and when you think about what they would say, 
I’m almost certain that today, they’d snuggle up next to you and tell you, “Happy Mother’s Day.” 

Happy Mother’s Day from my heart to yours <3! 

Danielle Nicole Lewis ã