After our daughter passed away in October 2015, I was completely lost. I literally felt as if the world was just moving on when I wanted time to stop and freeze. For everyday that passed I felt I was moving further away from Emery Rose and if I could just hang on to the brief moments we had together that somehow we would remain close. I remember sitting in the house hearing the traffic outside and thinking, “How can I go on without leaving her behind?” It’s hard to even consider the thought that anyone could come close to feeling the pain and anguish I felt and sometimes still do. Family and friends did their best to be there for my husband and I know they felt themselves they just didn’t know what to truly do to comfort us. I was referred to Angel Baby Network by the bereavement coordinator at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Once connecting to Danielle, I immediately had a sense of belonging. Finally, someone I could talk to who really knew the thoughts racing in my head and someone I could share those thoughts with without fear of pity or shame. Driving to the first event I was a little nervous. Being in the Cincinnati area was enough to bring back a flood of memories. It is where I spent the last 5 weeks of my pregnancy camped out in the hospital on a mission to save my daughter. It is where she was born and where she ultimately died. When I was released from the hospital I had declared I was never coming back to Cincinnati and yet there I was driving along the interstate headed to meet someone I had only spoken to via Facebook. After attending the first event/group, I experienced a true connection. We were a group of mothers and fathers who truly understood what this grief thing was all about. I honestly had visions of groups looked like. Parents sitting in a circle passing tissues and continuing to be stuck. Instead, it was nothing like that. I met parents who shared the story of their children. We spent time discussing a topic and most importantly we were all there for each other. I knew I would be back and, in fact, I was already looking forward to it. I left that day with seeing what healthy healing looked like. I have meet parents whom I have formed true friendships. We keep in contact with each other in between events and are truly there for one another. I have a support system now and through our children we are connected for life. –April

“Healthy Healing”