Happy Birthday, Little Boy

Baby's room photos

Dear Little Boy,

I can’t believe that today one year ago, you came into this world. Albeit, you were blue because you weren’t breathing and looked like a little smurf-you were our little smurf and we loved you just the way you were :-). And, I’m grateful that all of the doctors and nurses worked as hard as they did so that you could start breathing.

It has certainly been a year of many ups and many downs, but through it all, your daddy and I have thought about you every single day and we have talked about you almost every other day. We think about what you’d be doing, what you’d look like and how you’d probably be causing all types of ruccous with your daddy! But even in those thoughts, we’ve managed to be honest with ourselves and honest about our situation and we know that Heaven is truly the best place for you to be.

So, even on this day, although you weren’t here to physically be with us, we still acknowledged that it was your special day and that while most people take 100 years before they figure out their purpose, we couldn’t be more proud that it only took you 10 days.

You have truly lived up to all of your names, little Christopher (Bearer of Christ) Louis (King) Jones (Favored One), Jr. We are looking forward to seeing how God uses your precious life in year two because we know that it is going to be even greater than year one. For we know that God knew you before He formed you in my womb and that even before you were born He definitely set you apart for His divine purpose.

We love you to the moon and back, little boy….and don’t you ever forget it.

Love Forever and Always,
Mommy and Daddy

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